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Hello! My name is Ms. Claire, and I am the Kindergarten teacher at SMAS. I was born and raised in Western Springs, IL, where my parents still reside. I attended St. John of the Cross Elementary School, and continued my Catholic education at Fenwick High School and then at Saint Louis University. Graduating summa cum laude with a degree in Elementary Education is one of my proudest accomplishments, and I am thrilled to be able to put my hard work to use!

This is my third year at SMAS, and my second year teaching Kindergarten. I adore this age group, and look forward to growing and learning with each class.

As my students already know, I love to sing! I also enjoy movies and musicals, reading, learning how to play guitar, and spending time with my family and friends. Walking along the lakefront is one of my favorite activities, and living in the city has provided me with so many fun opportunities.

I am happy to be a part of the SMA family!


This week in class

Greetings! I hope you had a nice weekend. Today in Superkids, we are continuing to learn about the letter Pp. We discussed different foods that the Superkids are packing for their picnic, such as lemon pop, plums, and buns.

In Math, we acted out stories using teddy bears and pattern blocks. We pretended that the teddy bears went to a movie theater. The pattern blocks served as their chairs. We then came up with different scenarios (i.e., two teddy bears went to get popcorn).

Before lunch and recess, the kids enjoyed music with Mr. Meachum. In the afternoon, we practiced writing capital P and had silent reading.

Today in Superkids, we read a story called, "The Odd Picnic." The Superkids packed different kinds of food, but ended up eating all of the food before arriving to the picnic! Luckily, Oswalk hid gumdrops in a tree stump, so they at least had gumdrops to enjoy!

In Math, we introduced a new coin: the nickel. We talked about the shape, color, and design. We also discussed its value, and practiced counting by 5s.

In the afternoon, we read a Scholastic News article about Venus flytraps and how they get their lunch. We also learned about what plants need to grow, including sunlight, water and nutrients from soil.

Afterwards, Ms. Wilcer came in for Spanish and the kids continued working on their mini-books about things they see in nature.

See you tomorrow!

Important Dates

Field Trip to Chicago Children's Museum

Kindergarten Graduation!


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