Student Services

Emily Murray is our full-time resource specialist.   Emily has taught at SMA for five years and holds a master’s degree in special education from DePaul University.    The goals of the resource specialist include:
Direct Instruction:  provides direct instruction in the academic areas to resource specialists program pupils on a one-to-one or small group basis, either in the resource room or the regular classroom;  monitors pupil progress on a regular basis, participating in the review and revision of the instructionalized education programs, as appropriate; refers pupils who do not demonstrate appropriate progress to the individualized education program team; evaluates student growth in academic achievement, self- concept, and social skills
Consulting Services: utilization of evaluation data for the modification of instruction and curriculum; application of effective classroom management techniques; 
Coordination: coordinates referral and assessment procedures; assists in the coordination of the individualized education program team meetings; assists in the coordination of designated instruction and services; coordinates the collection of relevant information for those students referred to the individualized education program team; coordinates individualized instruction and activities of the resource specialist program with regular classroom curriculum
Parent Education: provides parents with basic knowledge of assessment procedures in instrumentations and how to utilize the information; provides parents with basic understanding of remedial methods and techniques as they relate to their own child’s program; provides parents with basic home enrichment in home management techniques designed to meet the needs of their child
Staff Development: assists in planning parent education workshops; (2) attends special education inservice training as required and participates in providing inservice education for regular school staff.