SMA At Harvard

“When schools create a collaborative culture around data use—when they use data not to point fingers but to inform collective decisions—something powerful can happen.” —Kathryn Boudett, Harvard University Graduate School of Education – Founder Data Wise Leadership Institute

Harvard University Data Wise Overview

Making sense of data is critical, but so too is the process for ensuring this data impacts teaching and learning. Harvard University’s Data Wise Leadership Institute provides the tools and protocols to enable school leaders and faculty to engage in an effective collaborative process around data.       

The Data Wise Process provides a clear, carefully tested blueprint that teachers, school leaders, and system-level leaders can use to examine a wide range of data and catalyze conversations that drive instructional improvement. The Data Wise Leadership Institute prepares teams to plan a thoughtful launch of this inquiry process in their settings.

Ms. Dolack, Principal, and several key St. Mary of the Angels School faculty attended Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education – Data Wise Leadership Institute.  This  intensive course at Harvard energizes school teams to learn the Data Wise process and work on developing three essential habits : shared commitment to action, intentional collaboration, and a relentless focus on evidence.  Data Wise cultivates the habits of mind that improve team effectiveness and foster a supportive culture of improvement.

The mission of the Data Wise Project is to support educators in using collaborative data inquiry to drive continuous improvement of teaching and learning for all students. Our vision is that every educator around the world is part of a thriving learning community that ensures that all students develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions that will allow them to live joyful and rewarding lives.”

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