Mission & History

Our Mission: To receive each child as unique gift, collaborating with parents to cultivate the intellectual, moral and spiritual talents of each child, enabling the child to direct his emotions as a respectful son or daughter, a generous and loyal friend and a responsible high school student who has the courage to live his Catholic faith among peers in service to God, family and country.

We achieve this by: An education approach based on the Maryland Charter; A challenging academic curriculum enriched by extracurricular activites; Seminars and classes that inspire parents to exemplify the character they seek for their children; A safe and secure environment, under the Virgin Mary’s protection, in which good moral habits and Christian virtues are exemplified.

Our Aim: That our students be: Today’s good citizens in the family, community and Church; and Tomorrow’s good spouse-parents, friend-leaders and saint-apostles.

History: On February 15, 1900 four Sisters of the Congregation of the Resurrection opened St. Mary of the Angels School with an enrollment of 425 students. Throughout the past century, St. Mary of the Angels School has seen enrollment rise and fall, and the neighborhood and city of Chicago change drastically. All of this time, our building has stood tall and strong, weathering risks of closure, overflowing classrooms, threats of demolition and more. Only 4 years ago the fate of St. Mary of the Angels School was in question once again. With an enrollment of only 112 students, and in a state of financial crisis, the Archdiocese and the administration of St. Mary of the Angels School put their faith in the leadership of a new principal, Ms. Elizabeth Dolack. Ms. Dolack inherited a mission: to boost enrollment and save our school from closure. Under her guidance and leadership, St. Mary of the Angels School has grown over 200% in only 4 years. In 2013-2014, SMA had the highest enrollment increase of all schools throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago. Not only has St. Mary of the Angels School been saved from near closure, but it has grown into one of the strongest, most vibrant and sought out schools of the West Town neighborhoods.