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Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in applying to St. Mary of the Angels School is to call or email the Admission Office with any initial questions you might have.....

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the first step in the admissions process?

The first step in applying to St. Mary of the Angels School is to call or email the Admission Office with any initial questions you might have. Then you can RSVP for an upcoming open house or arrange a private tour. At the open house or on your school tour, you will receive an admissions packet with all of the necessary paperwork and also have a chance to visit every classroom, meet with administration and our teachers and ask any questions you might have!

If you would like to apply prior to visiting, you are certainly more than welcome to do so. In order to apply, all that you need to do is review the tuition and admissions policies then print off and complete the Application for Admission- New Student and Parent Questionnaire. Once completed, you can fax these forms to 773.486.0996, scan and email them to lfernandes@sma-school.org, or drop off in the main office along with your $150 application fee. If you are faxing or scanning your documents, you can mail in a check to 1810 N. Hermitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 Attn: Admissions Office, or call with a credit card number over the phone. If dropping off your application, payments can be made via cash, check or credit.

What is the School Hours?
The main office is open Monday – Friday, 7am-6pm.
Before-School Care is offered Monday – Friday, 7am-7:45am
The School Day is from 8am-3pm
AM PreK is from 8am-11:15am
After-School Athenaeum is offered Monday – Friday, 3pm- 6pm
The main office is closed on Saturdays & Sundays and on all school holidays.
Pick-up/Drop-off procedures
    • Early drop off begins at 7am. Students participating in before-school care are to be brought to the main office and checked in. These children will receive breakfast and be brought to their classrooms at 7:50am.
    • School day drop off begins at 7:50 am.  PreK-K drop off: Parents are to park in the school parking lot or along Hermitage Ave. and walk their child(ren) to his or her assigned classroom. If your PreK or Kindergarten student has an older sibling and you have given permission for this student to escort his or her sibling to the classroom, this is also an acceptable drop off process.  1st-8th grade drop off: Parents can participate in the kiss & fly drop off procedure. Driving south from Cortland Ave. along Hermitage Ave, and waiting in line to pull up at the front entrance. Our school dads will open the door and see your child(ren) into the school doors. Students then walk themselves up to their classroom. Parents are also welcome to park in the school parking lot or along Hermitage Ave and walk their child(ren) into the school if they would like to.
    • Pick-Up: Weather permitting, pick up for both AM PreK and full day PreK-8th grade will occur in school parking lot. Parents park in the school lot or along Hermitage Ave. and then walk to the gated area of the parking lot. Classes will be lined up according to grade.
    • After School Athenaeum Pick Up: If picking up after 3:10pm, report to the main office to sign your child(ren) out of the Athenaeum program. Students will be paged and brought down to the main office.
  • Rain/Snow/Ice/Inclement Weather Pick Up: In case of inclement weather, pick up will occur indoors.PreK-1st grade: Pick up in the classroom.
    2nd-8th grade: Pick up in auditorium.
    After-school Athenaeum: Pick up remains the same regardless of weather.
Tuition Payment Process & Payment Plans

St. Mary of the Angels School utilizes the tuition payment & management system FACTS. Upon acceptance, all families must create a FACTS Family Account. Once created, all applicable school fees will be added to your account. These include tuition, before or after school care and mandatory fundraising. If a tuition deposit has been made, this amount will be reflected in your family account.

Families can select from the available payment plans. A FACTS Family Account must be created regardless of payment method. For instance, if payment in full is made in the main office, your FACTS Family Account will be updated accordingly.

If your family qualifies for and has received a private scholarship, state or financial aid, this amount will be reflected in your FACTS family account.

Before-School & After-School Athenaeum Charge/Payment
All Before School and Athenaeum charges will be added to your FACTS Family Account and must be paid on a monthly basis.
Financial Aid:
    • Our mission is to educate any child who desires a Catholic education. St. Mary of the Angels offers a variety of options to make a Catholic education accessible to all families. Tuition assistance is available for students in grades K-8. Applications for tuition assistance will be distributed by the school office and are due, complete with necessary paperwork, by the stated due date. Applications will be reviewed through FACTS for eligibility and not all applications will qualify. St. Mary of the Angels can give no assurance that financial assistance will be available for applications received after the stated due date.
    • Private Scholarship: Families that qualify for available private scholarship funding will be notified by the Admissions office. Applications will be sent directly to these families. It is the responsibility of the family to complete all necessary paperwork for any available scholarship opportunity. Completed paperwork is then sent Ms. Beth Dolack our principal, and then forwarded to the scholarship committee for review. Failure to meet the necessary obligations of each scholarship may affect the recipient’s scholarship status and renewal. St. Mary of the Angels reserves the right to decline scholarship renewal and or rescind the scholarship at any time should the recipient not be a student in good academic and or disciplinary standing. The scholarship committee will host a hearing to discuss a scholarship standing if any issue or circumstance should arise that violates the student and or parent contract. This committee reserves the right to revoke a scholarship if deemed necessary.
Mandatory Fundraising/Mandatory Service Requirements
  • Every family at St. Mary of the Angels School is required to contribute an annual amount of $500. All annual contributions are due by the end of the academic year. Payment of these fees can be made directly or through authorized school fundraising events. All applicable fundraising events will be explained to families at the start of the school year. These events include but are not limited to: Affy Tapple Sales, Chocolate Sales, Mana Scip, Poinsettia Sales, Spring Flower Sale, Walk-A-Thon, Mom’s Spa Night and more.
  • Each family is asked to volunteer 12 hours of their time to make St. Mary of the Angels a great school for their children. If unable to complete these service hours, families may opt to pay for the time. Each hour of volunteer service is valued at $15. Families may pay for all or any portion of the volunteer service hours.
Scheduling Accommodation

As stated on our application, the 3-day PreK option is offered Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. However, whenever possible, we work to accommodate the schedule that our families most prefer. When applying, if applying for 3-days per week, you are applying for Monday Wednesday and Friday only. Once a classroom is set, close to the start of the school year, we will work to accommodate alternate scheduling preferences (for instance: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday etc). However, we cannot guarantee that this will be available until the admissions process is complete. Please note: The PreK 3 AM program is offered only Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So we are unable to accommodate any other schedule for this option.

Can I change my PreK Schedule mid-year?

Often, after a semester at school, students are ready to attend our PreK program on a more full-time basis. Whenever possible, our teachers and staff will work to accommodate any request to alter a schedule mid-year. Please keep in mind, the AM students and full-day students are in separate classrooms. To switch from AM to full-day would mean that a student will be changing teachers & classrooms. To add on days (from 3-days to 5-days per week), within the program already attending does not require the student to change classrooms. Changes can only be made if space is available in the new classroom or in the additional days requested. If a schedule change is approved, simply notify your teacher, the Admissions office and principal so that attendance and tuition information can be adjusted accordingly.

Does my application fee guarantee a spot?
  • The application fee is a processing fee and guarantees that your application will be accepted and considered in the Admissions Process. All applications received along with the application fee will be reviewed. Following review, families will be sent official acceptance letters along with the tuition contract and tuition deposit information. Spots are guaranteed to families who have received an acceptance letter and who have submitted, within the specified time frame, their non-refundable tuition deposit for the upcoming school year.
School Lunch Program
  •  St. Mary of the Angels School offers a school lunch program through Food Service Program Chicago (FSP). Meals are offered at an additional cost to all full-day PreK and K-8 students every school day. Families receive the lunch menu at the start of each month, and can choose between two daily options. If preferred, students are also welcome to bring their own lunch every day or on days when the school lunch choices are not appealing. There is also the option of choosing only milk to accompany a packed lunch.
Snack Program
  •  Snack is offered to students in our PreK- 1st grade programs. Full-day PreK and Kindergarten will have snack twice per day (morning & afternoon). AM PreK will have snack once per day (morning) and 1st grade will have one morning snack as well. Snack calendars are determined by the classroom teacher. Parents will be notified of the monthly snack calendar and will be given ample notice if they have been assigned to bring in snack on a designated day that month. All snack options adhere to the school nut policy.
Do the students nap?
  •  Students in our full-day and Kindergarten programs have a scheduled nap time every afternoon. If students are not sleeping, they are expected to rest quietly in their designated nap area. Kindergarten naptime is slowly shortened throughout the 2nd semester so that children can prepare for 1st grade.
  • Daily parking is available for all school families in the adjacent school lot. Families can park freely throughout every school day and for all weekend school events.